A Patriots Player Plans On Recruiting Kevin Durant To The Celtics

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05.29.16 2 Comments
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The list of teams that want to try and sign Kevin Durant this summer is really, really long. From the Oklahoma City Thunder to the Golden State Warriors to the San Antonio Spurs, no one knows which team is going to pull in the former NBA MVP. One team that hasn’t been mentioned all that much is the Boston Celtics. Sure, Celtics fans really want Durant to come to Beantown, but for the most part, there hasn’t been much to suggest that the Celtics will enter the KD sweepstakes.

However, if Boston were to make a run at Durant, they do have one of his buddies on their side in the form of new Patriots defensive tackle Terrance Knighton. In an interview with ESPN, Knighton said that he isn’t keeping in touch with Durant right now, but once the offseason starts for the Thunder, he’s going to become a recruiter.

“I’m leaving him alone right now. Letting him finish up,” Knighton told reporters earlier this week at Patriots’ offseason training activities at Gillette Stadium.

“I love how he’s playing. I hope that he wins [an NBA title], kind of hope that he doesn’t. But as soon as the season’s over, if he’s hoisting the trophy or not, I’ll be texting him every day, calling him, flying down to OKC. I’ll be in his ear a lot. Trust me.”

This isn’t a new stance for Knighton, who tweeted in April that he’s going to constantly be in Durant’s ear this offseason.

It’s not crazy to imagine a scenario in which the Celtics decide to court Durant, especially considering the fact that they will have a ton of money to spend this offseason. Having someone like Knighton as a recruiter would probably only help the team’s chances at landing the most highly-anticipated free agent in a few years.

(via Bleacher Report)

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