Terrence Ross Gets Loose On The Break For A Beautiful Windmill Slam

Terrence Ross’ third season hasn’t lived up to the promise he so often showed during his sophomore campaign. But due to the natural athleticism the 6-6 wing exhibits here, it’s hardly time for the Toronto Raptors to give up on him.

Is there a smoother dunker in the NBA than Ross? His combination of explosiveness, hang-time, and aerial grace is without peer save for the likes of Zach LaVine. Might we get the chance to watch the Raptors high-flier face-off against the reigning Dunk Contest champion come 2016 All-Star Weekend? The festivities are in Toronto, after all.

Let’s hope so. For now, though, we just wish Ross would start playing close to the capability that his overall talents suggest. It not only would push the Raptors to another level in the Eastern Conference, but would also ensure highlights like this were far less fleeting.

Making his first start since mid-January, Ross had eight points and seven assists in Toronto’s 103-94 loss to the Charlotte Hornets.

[Video via SportsNetNBA]