Not Even Terrence Ross Sneaking Into The Spurs’ Huddle Could Help The Raptors Win

The Toronto Raptors’ woes continued on Tuesday night with a 106-108 loss to the always, frustratingly very good San Antonio Spurs. The loss was the fourth in a row for the Raptors, but it was sort of a wash from the start, and it’s certainly the least of the team’s concerns. The Spurs played without their emerging superstar Kawhi Leonard (hand ouchy), as well as Tony Parker, who was sent back to San Antonio for an MRI on his left foot. The game should have been a gimme for the Raptors, but they’re also without DeMar DeRozan, who will miss at least two games with an ankle sprain.

But at least the Raptors have a good sense of humor during this slump. During a timeout, Terrence Ross, always one to make us laugh hysterically, tried to get his team an edge against the Spurs by sneaking into their huddle. However, even the Spurs assistant coaches are great on defense, as Ime Udoka was quick to shut Ross down.

It feels good to laugh, but Raptors fans should still be nervous. While everyone is talking about LeBron James openly questioning the Cavaliers’ front office’s desire to win, the Cavs are hardly in danger of losing the top spot in the East. The pesky, almost-there Raptors are caught in a slide, and the Celtics, with superstar Isaiah Thomas leading a no-nonsense charge, have lost three straight. That leaves the struggling Cavs with a three-game lead in the East, while the rest of us wonder if the Raptors, especially with DeRozan sidelined, will ever figure out what it’s going to take to get over the hump and start worrying about skeezers.