Terry Rozier’s ‘Rick And Morty’-Inspired Scary Terry Pumas Are Incredible


Say what you will about the Boston Celtics on the court, but they clearly have some of the best nicknames in the NBA. There’s rookie Robert Williams, who fans have gifted the incredible nickname Time Lord. Hearing the Celtics broadcast team discuss the concept of linear time as Williams blocks and dunks his way through the season has really been something.

And then there’s Terry Rozier, who goes by the nickname Scary Terry. It’s a reference to Rick and Morty, the Cartoon Network show that’s created a fervent, if sometimes problematic, following. That nickname has caught on, and Terry has embraced it, and shoe maven Kickstradomis has come through with an amazing colorway for Rozier that puts Scary Terry right on his feet.

Kickstradomis posted images of the souped-up Puma Clyde Court Disrupts specially designed with the Rick and Morty character Terry’s nickname comes from on the toe.

If you’ve never seen Rick and Morty, Scary Terry is a “legally safe knockoff of an 80s horror character from the show that chase the titular stars of the Adult Swim cartoon around in a dream universe.”

The bit is actually pretty funny, as Rick and Morty decide “you can run but you can’t hide” is misinformation, and hiding works well enough that Terry goes home to his scary family, disappointed that he didn’t do a good enough job. There’s a whole redemption arc there later, it’s a lot. Rick and Morty is a weirdly funny show.

Anyway, Terry Rozier the basketball player quickly took the Scary Terry moniker for himself and has sold merchandise with his likeness wearing something that looks like the mask from Scream. This also legally safe knockoff of a horror character has spread, and the result here is a pretty great Puma shoe.