Texas A&M And Northern Iowa Just Played The Game Of The Tournament, And You Need To See How It Happened

It looked like Texas A&M’s season was over. The Aggies were down by 14 points with 44 seconds left against Northern Iowa in the round of 32, so barring a miracle, Texas A&M looked cooked.

But Billy Kennedy’s team stormed back thanks to some insane pressure that Northern Iowa couldn’t handle. Texas A&M scored 14 points down the stretch to force overtime. It was the type of impossible comeback that you always hope to see during March Madness, but it’s so absurd that it never quite happens.

In the end, Texas A&M managed to come out on top in double overtime, taking down Northern Iowa, 92-88. While the win is great, the improbably manner with which the Aggies won was even greater. To illustrate how insane this comeback was, here is the win probability chart for the game leading into the final few possessions:

The Panthers had a 99.99 percent chance of winning and yet the Aggies were able to force overtime. If you missed it, trust us: it was somehow more improbable than the other Tournament game that involved Northern Iowa this year. Or that conference tournament game that involved Northern Iowa.

The Aggies will play Oklahoma in the Sweet 16. It’s hard to imagine that those two will play a crazier game than TAMU and UNI played, but hey, this is March.