Watch This Texas Freshman Touch The Top Of The Backboard Like Gravity Doesn’t Exist

Remember the old tall tales about Earl “The Goat” Manigault leaping to snatch dollars off the top of backboards and leaving change? Well, Texas freshman Kerwin Roach can do that as well, and the young man has video proof.

That’s the 6’3 guard in the video above defying gravity for all of the internet’s amusement. That’s just about as ridiculous as Vince Carter’s latest display of aerial insanity. Apparently Kerwin wasn’t content with simply jumping to the moon at practice, either, as he showed off another trick while he was at it.

Without even stretching!

Roach was a state champion in the triple jump in high school, so clearly the guy is some sort of athletic mutant with robotic legs. What’s strange is that in ESPN’s scouting report of Kerwin, his shooting prowess was more championed than his leaping ability. The Houston native was ranked as the 47th best player in the nation, and was described as “a very good shooting threat. He knocks down open threes and pull ups with regularity along with very athletic finishes in the lane with great touch and body control.”

In fact, here’s some video of the freshman guard in action flashing all of those abilities from his scouting report.

Needless to say, we can’t wait to watch Roach wreck rims with his mind-blowing leaping ability on the national stage at Texas.

(Via Kerwin Roach)