Yes, A Texas Tech Fan Threw A Tortilla On The Court During The National Championship

Getty Image

Texas Tech made its first Final Four in school history this season and, after beating Michigan State on Saturday, advanced to its first title game.

Red Raiders fans descended on Minneapolis, ready to watch their basketball team try to take home a national championship, and they brought a favorite football tradition with them. No, not Patrick Mahomes chucking footballs to the moon, although he was there in an Under Armour t-shirt with tape reading “adidas” covering the UA logo.

I’m talking about throwing tortillas. Texas Tech fans have been throwing tortillas on the field for years at football games, a celebration with an appropriate southwest flair, but it’s pretty rare for a basketball game. However, the national championship game is a special occasion and deserved some flying flour, and one fan delivered.

It was just one tortilla, but it made its way to near the free throw line where it was scooped up by a Virginia player. The fan in question was surely tossed if they were identified, but they were just bringing some school spirit to the festivities to the current, stuffy, corporate version of the Final Four.

So if you thought your eyes deceived you when you saw that tortilla on the court, you did not. It was just a little taste of Lubbock in Minneapolis — if you’d like to read more literature on the tortilla tossing tradition, go here.