Thabo Sefolosha Wants To Be Exonerated In A Trial For His Scuffle With The NYPD

09.09.15 4 years ago

Thabo Sefolosha has requested a full trial rather than accepting a conditional dismissal of his resisting arrest and disorderly conduct charges from April 8 of this year. All charges were dropped against his former teammate, Pero Antic, but — according to Danny Knobler of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution — Sefolosha was only offered an adjournment in contemplation of dismissal (ACD).

For Sefolosha, though, they offered only an adjournment in contemplation of dismissal (ACD), asking him to perform a day of community service and agreeing to dismiss and seal the file in six months as long as he avoided further trouble. Sefolosha declined that offer in favor of either a complete dismissal or a trial before a jury.

“We appreciate the District Attorney’s decision to drop charges [against Antic] and he looks forward to returning to basketball and his family,” said attorney Alex Spiro, who represents both players. “We firmly believe Thabo’s case should be dismissed, too. He maintains his complete innocence.”

Sefolosha broke his right fibula and sustained ligament damage during the arrest outside of a New York night club, and he alleges the NYPD are to blame for those injuries. As Knobler reports, Sefolosha has yet to file a civil suit against the police, but he’s still able to do so.

If the charges aren’t dropped, the trial will begin on October 5, a week after the Hawks start training camp. Then again, Sefolosha is still experiencing discomfort from the injuries he allegedly sustained at the hands of the police.

(Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

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