Here’s The Scuffle Between Police And Thabo Sefolosha That Led To The End Of His Season

Emcee Ren and his more famous collaborators might come to mind for some who watch this, but TMZ Sports has obtained footage of the tussle between NYPD officers and 6’7 220-pound Hawks wing, Thabo Sefolosha.

If you didn’t already know, the melee between what looks like six cops and the French defensive specialist happened after Chris Copeland was stabbed on the streets of New York City early Wednesday morning.

The fracas with the NYPD actually led to a fractured tibia for Sefolosha, who will now miss the rest of the season — one where his No. 1 seeded Atlanta Hawks could really use his presence in the playoffs.

In the grainy footage obtained, you can see teammate and future movie henchman Pero Antic — who was also arrested — sitting on the curb, but something sets Sefolosha off and the coterie of cops first put him in a headlock and then slam him down on the street.

We’re only going on what we’re seeing, and we have no idea why Antic was calm on the curb while it took six officers to subdue Sefolosha, but the whole thing stinks.