The 12 Days Of Christmas: Dime’s Holiday Gift Guide – Nas “Illmatic” Gold Edition Limited Box Set

Okay, so maybe the timing isn’t perfect, but in light of the holiday season, we’ll be putting together an online gift guide for all of you last minute shoppers. Think clothes, gear, sneakers, music, video games and basketball products… basically everything us at Dime are really feeling at the moment. Today is the first submission in Dime’s 12 Days Of Christmas…

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On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me:



Yep, we’re kicking this off with the classic ’94 debut from the greatest rapper of all time (in my eyes), Nas. Luckily for younger hip-hop fans, GetOnDown.com re-released Illmatic as a limited edition “Gold Edition” deluxe box set earlier this week. This was probably one of the most hyped albums ever upon its release. Nas was well known at that time, having already murdered beats on “Live at the BBQ” and “Half Time” on the Zebrahead soundtrack, and people were literally foaming at the mouth to see if he could come with a record that was hot enough to take the spotlight away from the West Coast.

Once “N.Y. State Of Mind” hit, it was on. Not only did Nas’ debut feature some of the most incredible lyricism I’ve ever heard, it featured a rotating cast of producers (Premier, Pete Rock, Large Professor, Q-Tip and L.E.S.) who laced Nasty with the perfect beats.

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This release includes the music that still sounds dope to this day – so good that’s it’s literally impossible to come up with a favorite song – but there are also some special extras included.