The 15 Best Moments Of Boston’s Paul Pierce & Kevin Garnett Era

July 12, 2013 will go down as one of the sadder days in Celtic history. It now represents when Boston Celtic legends Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett were shipped off to Brooklyn in an effort to rebuild the storied franchise. We all knew it had to happen eventually. While Danny Ainge absolutely did the right thing by acquiring assets for the aging future Hall of Famers (three first-round picks), it is still unfathomable to imagine KG and the Truth wearing anything else but green.

As an ode to their many memorable times as teammates in Boston, I’m took a look at their top 15 moments together in a Celtics uniform.

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15. KG Interviews With CRAIG SAGER
Garnett tells Sager to burn his suit until he’s standing there butt-ass naked…

“Bar Fight”

In a regular season game against Toronto, Garnett gets under Calderon’s skin and straps him up full-court. The big fella even did his best Dikembe Mutombo rendition, waving his index finger in the Spanish point guard’s face. This classic KG moment perfectly represents the passion and work ethic that the Garnett brought every night.

Another moment in which KG showcased his “grit n’ balls” on basketball’s biggest stage was during the Celtics 2008 Playoff run. In Game 4 of their first-round matchup with Atlanta, the teams’ big men were involved in an altercation. They had to be separated. Three games later, that memory was still fresh in the Big Ticket’s mind when he laid out Hawks big man Zaza Pachulia on a backcourt screen in the Celtics Game 7 blowout victory. Garnett would score 18 points and grab 11 rebounds in only 27 minutes of action.

13. Honey Nut Cheerios
During the years that KG and Paul Pierce donned the Celtic green together, it was well documented that there was some bad blood between Boston and New York. That rivalry was taken to whole new level this past January when KG supposedly told Carmelo Anthony that his wife (LaLa) tastes like Honey Nut Cheerios after aggressive play by both sides. What made this even more epic was the fact that KG got under Anthony’s skin so bad that the New York superstar was standing by the Celtics’ bus after the game, looking to have a few words with the Big Ticket.

Long before Chris Bosh joined the Miami Heat, the Georgia Tech product was still getting clowned across the NBA. A younger Bosh, sporting dreads in a Raptors uniform, gets put on a poster by The Truth during a regular season contest.

11. KG, PIERCE Share Milestone Together
This past season, KG and Pierce shared a special moment together, surpassing NBA legends on the all-time scoring ladder. Garnett passed Jerry West to rank 15th on the all-time scoring list while Pierce passed Charles Barkley to take over the 20th spot. KG recognized how special it was to accomplish these feats with his teammate by saying it’s “only right” that they “make history together.”

10. 2009 First Round Buzzer-Beater In Miami
2009 wasn’t the best year for the Boston Celtics as they dealt with the tough season-ending injury of Kevin Garnett. While the Cs wouldn’t have enough in the tank to compete for a title that season, Paul Pierce put up a tremendous effort in Garnett’s absence.