Drake’s All-NBA “Thank Me Later” Team

06.14.10 8 years ago 24 Comments

While most hip-hop fans are heavily anticipating Thank Me Later, the debut studio album from Young Money’s Canadian superstar Drake, the expectations couldn’t be higher. With that in mind, I wanted to examine five players that have tremendous expectations for their big stage debut. And one day, GMs, coaches and fans will be thanking them too.

Blake Griffin, SCORE: 9.67

Legit Hype: 9

Talent: 10

Highest Potential: 10
A mix between Carlos Boozer and Charles Barkley

Blake Griffin is a coach’s dream, a talented kid with high basketball IQ who plays fearless, and has a drive to be great. With all that being said, we know that Griffin has put in the time and effort all season long rehabbing his knee injury, and I think that Blake will be great in his NBA debut.

John Wall, SCORE: 9.5

Legit Hype: 10

Talent: 9

Highest Potential: 9.5
A mix between Russell Westbrook and Derrick Rose

People have been doing his dance all year long, and if he does end up going to Washington, expect to see a clip of President Obama doing it as well. I know that Wall is ready to make a splash in the NBA, and we will all be watching to see if he can indeed live up to, or exceed, the hype.

Ricky Rubio, SCORE: 8.33

Legit Hype: 8

Talent: 8

Highest Potential: 9
A mix between Jose Calderon and a taller Steve Nash

Although we won’t be seeing Rubio in an NBA uniform until the 2011-2012 season, constant comparison to great players and highlights keep us anticipating. The best part about Rubio’s game is that he seems to always find ways to win (this year winning the Euro Championship with Regal FC Barcelona).

Greg Oden, SCORE: 8.0

Legit Hype: 8

Talent: 7

Highest Potential: 9
A mix between David Robinson and Bill Russell

Although, Oden is the only player on this list that has actually physically played in the NBA, I still believe that we have yet to see the best of G.O. I honestly believe that he has all the tools to be a dominant post defender and a difference maker for Portland. I’m confident that if he can stay healthy, Blazers fans will be thanking him (and he will be thanking them for their patience).

Evan Turner, SCORE: 8.0

Legit Hype: 7

Talent: 8

Highest Potential: 9
A mix between Anthony Parker and Brandon Roy

I honestly don’t understand exactly why Evan Turner continues to fly under the radar. Maybe it’s because his game is all about efficiency and winning. Turner will do anything to help his team prevail, and as he continues to steadily improve, I trust he will make a great addition to any NBA team next year.

What do you think? What players should get the “Thank Me Later” tab?

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