The Best Unknown NBA Sneaker Collection Is Revealed

We’ve seen some wild shoe collections in the NBA before, easily led by Joe Johnson‘s fingerprint-encoded sneaker vault in his now for-sale Atlanta mansion (I want to know the appraisal of that room alone in a house on the block for $4.7 million). A picture Stephen Jackson shared Sunday on Instagram shows his own, impressive collection needs to be a part of the sneaker conversation, as well.

You’d be forgiven if you mistook this part of Jackson’s shoe stockpile (which mostly looks like Jordans, Jordans and some more Jordans) as a picture documenting his trip to Foot Locker. Nope, that’s Stak5‘s own stock. According to his caption, the real credit goes out to his wife for cataloging that collection into what we see here. If Jackson wanted to do a #whatsonyourfeet tag for every pair, he might have a picture a day through Thanksgiving.

H/t Instagram

What do you think of his collection?

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