The Gin Blossoms Are The Most ’90s Band Of All Time


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After two weeks and six rounds of voting, America (or the thousands who voted in our polls) has declared the Gin Blossoms the Most ’90s Band of All Time. They beat out the Spice Girls in the championship match by winning 58 percent of the vote.

As one of the creators of this scientific bracket, I’m pleasantly surprised that a 1-seed, and an undisputedly ’90s group, won the whole dang thing. Were there other bands with a valid claim to the throne? Certainly. But at least we have a deserving winner and it wasn’t like Korn or some crap.

So, to honor the Gin Blossoms, we’d like to give them a victory lap of sorts by acknowledging the best parts of their fantastically ’90s music videos. Let’s take a trip down memory lane. Or, in this case, down Allison Road (get it!?).

“Allison Road”

Best part: There are exactly zero roads in the video, but like 38 televisions. What does it all mean?!

“Found Out About You”

Best part: Strobe lights. Do you remember the entire section at Spencer’s that was just strobe lights and blacklights and neon lights? I spent a lot of time in that section.

“Until I Fall Away”

Best part: I dunno, I guess hour glasses are kinda cool? This video is boring as hell.

“Follow You Down”

Best part: The whole video is just shots looking down staircases, creating the most on-the-nose metaphor imaginable.

“Hey Jealousy”

Best part: TPing someone’s house. Is this a thing people still do, outside of Auburn?

“Til I Hear It From You”

Best part: I’m not sure, I got sea sick after about 10 seconds of the constantly scrolling video.