The Heat Won’t Be Held Back

We’re not going to say this is progress because it isn’t, and it’s not a step in the right direction because we’re so turned around we don’t know which way is forward -basically we don’t know what the hell to call it so – yea. Chris Bosh told the Sun Sentinel he expects to begin some type of training camp regardless of the NBA lockout, saying that members of the Miami Heat will start working out with each other soon. “We’re going to make some plans. We’re going to plan to do something,” Bosh said in a telephone interview from Los Angeles. “I think just getting around each other, I think it’s important as far as team-building is concerned and just getting something going. We’re pretty much still in the process of doing that.” Hey, as NBA fans, we’ll take what we can get. Any news involving the words “together” and “soon” back us further off that edge. But only a few inches because WE’RE STILL MAD!!! As Ron Burgundy would say, “I’m in a glass case of emotion!!!” Oh, and Bosh wants to play on the 2012 Olympic team according to Would he make your 12-man squad? … “Could you imagine if he could shoot?”… “Man, if only he fixed that jumper…”… “You play basketball for a living, you should be able to make a 17 footer!” We’re sure all of you (at least once) has asked/screamed one of these remarks at Tyreke Evans during a Sacramento Kings game. Well, apparently he’s decided to adresses these remarks – after a couple years. Spotted battling members of the Boost Mobile Elite 24 game in nothing more than a white-T, Evans put on a show with a newly renovated jump shot. Yea yea, we know–the kids he was playing against were in high school, but a jumper is a jumper. If your open, you need to knock it down, regardless of who else is on the court. Maybe this is the first step in Evan’s new and improved offense game. We hope so because this would definitely make him a more dangerous player. A new jumper and he may become one of the best (insert description because at this point we don’t know what to call him) in the league … Spain’s three-headed monster of Juan Carlos Navarro (22 points), Pau Gasol (17 points) and Serge Ibaka (15 and 9) put on a show as Spain went up by nearly 30 at the half against Lithuania and costed to another win. Tony Parker left France’s game after being kneed in the thigh, but Boris Diaw (21 points) and Nicolas Batum (20) picked up the slack in France’s 91-84 win over Italy. And Serbia stayed undefeated by beating Germany by 11 despite 25 from Dirk Nowitzki … The Blazers recently received permission from the San Antonio Spurs organization to interview assistant general manager Dennis Lindsey for their own general manager vacancy. And if we can say anything to Mr. Lindsey regarding the Blazers GM job, it’s similar to in LOST when anyone on the island would come across the evil black smoke: RUN DENNIS! RUN FOR YOUR LIFE! … We’re sure you’ve heard about Ron Artest being on the cast of the next Dancing With The Stars, but we want to know how you think he’ll do. What are Metta’s chances of winning this thing? Can he actually do it, or is there a better chance he does something even crazier than that? … With Entourage‘s season eight finale less than a week away, what NBA players do you want/expect to make a cameo? Last night, it was Amar’e Stoudemire giving Turtle a piece of his mind. Entourage is notorious for flexing it’s “who they can get to make an appearance on the show” Hollywood muscles in season finales, and with this being the finale of all finales, we’re expecting BIG things … We’re out like Dennis Lindsey.

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