The Kyrie Irving Duke Rehab Video

If you have watched any college basketball this year, one thing is painfully clear: the talent level across the board is possibly the worst its ever been. There are no dominant teams (Ohio State comes the closest) and there are few dominant players outside of you know who.

Before Duke freshman Kyrie Irving went down with a toe injury in December, the Blue Devils were on their way to being the country’s lone dominant basketball team. Once Kyrie got hurt though, everything changed. While they’ve still only lost three games this season, there’s no arguing that the Blue Devils have not been significantly weakened by his loss. Without Kyrie pushing the tempo, the Dukies were suddenly unable to simply run opponents out of the gym; the switch to a half-court team – without a low post scorer – has led to offensive struggles.

Could they get Irving back at some point this season? While Duke hasn’t really said either way, they did release this video today documenting Kyrie’s rehab. While the training on this video says he’s progressing nicely, there’s no way of knowing how far away he really is from being able to contribute to the team. And we’d assume that no matter what the real story is, Coach K will keep the rest of the field guessing until the very end.

We first saw this video on Yahoo! Sports today.