The Lakers Nearly Pull Off A Crazy Comeback; Brandon Jennings Lights It Up

01.10.13 6 years ago 3 Comments
Everyone claims they have the answers for the Lakers problems this year. But there’s one that’s stumped Hollywood for over a decade: what to do with Tony Parker. In San Antonio’s wild three-point win over the Lakers, Parker looked like he was running his own pick-n-roll drill, and barely broke a sweat on his way to 24 points and six dimes. The Spurs needed all of that, as they nearly let a 17-point lead slip away before Manu Ginobili (19 points, eight rebounds) hit the biggest shot of the night: a wing triple in the final minute. The Lakers showed some fight, getting great games from Earl Clark (22 points, 13 rebounds) and Metta World Peace (23 points, eight rebounds, seven steals). But they were again pummeled for most of the night. Kobe (27 points, a missed three in the final seconds that would’ve tied it) got so frustrated that by the middle of the third, he just started pulling from a few feet inside midcourt and then going to the rim like he had beef with it, flaring his nostrils like some type of blood-seeking wolf … Every day, Darius Morris reminds us more and more of Smush Parker: taking shots he shouldn’t take, having no idea how to run an offense, complaining to the refs while the action picks up on the other end. Odds on Bryant randomly ripping Morris in the media 10 years from now? … The Hornets are finally completely healthy, and have now won three games in a row, this time taking out the Rockets last night at home, 88-79. Three guys all scored 17 – one you might expect (Greivis Vasquez) and two you defininitely wouldn’t (Roger Mason, Jason Smith). New Orleans might be the best team to start a franchise with in NBA 2K13 – at least for the people who actually want a challenge and aren’t just trying to dunk and shoot with LeBron on every play. Think about it. They have a young star you can build up to a beast (Anthony Davis). They have another guy who has talent but may or may not fit, and seems to be injury-prone so you have to decide what to do with him (Eric Gordon). They have a couple of decent young players, and a point guard (Vasquez) who could either be the real deal or just a fluke. If you enjoy building young teams up, that’s perfect … Vasquez has the biggest array of floaters in the league. In the first quarter alone, we saw two separate types that both looked like they would go over the backboard and instead went it. The first was a push shot from his shoulder that banked in from above the square, and the second was a scoop shot where he put the ball at least three feet above the rim before it came down and splashed in … OKC got 68 combined points from Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook and Kevin Martin in a 106-84 blowout over the T’Wolves … It took all of three and a half minutes before Kendrick Perkins and Nikola Pekovic got into a staredown and shoving match. Who would you take in a fight? Perkins has a super long reach, and seems like he’s always ready to get it on, while Pekovic reminds us of Bamm-Bamm from The Flintsones: a dude who just goes around and knocks people out, either knowingly or unknowingly … And while the news basically leaked earlier in the day after some pictures showed him rocking adidas, it was announced officially last night that John Wall has left Reebok to join the adidas Hoops’ team through a long-term partnership. He’ll be featured in a variety of upcoming adidas marketing initiatives and will play a role in the development of basketball footwear and apparel. Now if he can just get back on the court … Keep reading to hear about Brandon Jennings’ monster night …

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