The Life & Times Of Delonte West

Kevin Love has been making himself heard lately, saying that the latest offer from the owners was unacceptable. Love declared his interest in compromising, but also his honest opinion that NBA games will most likely be missed. A scary thought from the Timberwolves power forward. This lockout is enough to get us depressed. Talk of missed games – someone’s going to have to talk us off a ledge … What’s $14 million, we mean really? Well, to Delonte West, apparently nothing. He says he’s broke. According to ESPN, Delonte West is looking for work (and can’t go overseas because of probation). West tweeted recently: It’s official.. Pride 2 the side.. just filled out a application at Home Depot.. Lockout aint a game. If you watch SNL (still), there’s a segment during Weekend Update called “Really!?!?” The bit focuses on celebrities and the weird stuff they do. In the case of Delonte West being broke, we can only imagine what SNL would do in this instance … By the way, here’s a dope throwback video of Delonte from one of our photoshoots back in the dayKevin Durant has a $1 million per-month offer from Russian powerhouse CSKA Moscow. Durant recently said that he was 50-50 on whether he was going to play overseas, with a deadline for his decision set for October 1st. Kobe‘s reported China offer was around $1.5 million, so apparently Durant carries some serious cred overseas. It’s a tough offer to turn down. Thank God CSKA Moscow didn’t offer that to Delonte West. That money might already be gone by now … If anyone watched the 2011 NBA Draft, you’ll most likely recall the awkward back and forth between Mark Jones and Jonas Valanciunas. After Valanciunas was drafted, Jones asked the Lithuanian to expand on his game. Valanciunas responded with something like, “I no strong…I work hard…I no similar to Chris Bosh.” Now Valanciunas’ coach last season, Darius Maskoliunas, also told reporters he sees a lot of Chris Bosh in the lottery pick … The world champion Dallas Mavericks have made it clear they want DeShawn Stevenson back. Stevenson’s agent, Mark Bartelstein told ESPN’s Jeff Caplan that regardless of their recent acquisition of Rudy Fernandez, the team wants Stevenson back. Is it us or do the Mavericks have more perimeter players than the entire Southwest conference? Are there enough minutes to go around for this platoon of twos and threes? … Y’all remember the time Rasheed Wallace threw the towel in Arvydas Sabonis‘ face right? It was in 2000, against the Lakers. Portland was on the edge of moving from “Damn, this team is so deep and so talented” to “Damn, this team is so out of control and so crazy.” In a piece about Sabonis on Grantland, Bill Walton – who was broadcasting the game – went off: “If I was any kind of a man, I would have got up from that broadcast table and walked across the court and punched Rasheed Wallace in the nose.” Walton said he let the game of basketball and the human race down that day. We’re just surprised he didn’t say: “It was a catastrophe of unseen and mind-boggling proportions. It set the world back 450 years to a time when savages roamed the natural world and the human race was in infancy. I let all of humanity down that day in a most disgusting manner” … We started our own mailbag yesterday for every Wednesday: the DimeBag; Craziest, wildest stuff gets posted. Seriously … Derrick Williams is going to play in the Goodman/Drew League matchup this weekend for the West. But take that with a grain of salt. As he comes aboard, someone else is leaving. Nick Young – who many of you consider one of the better playground players in the NBA – decided he would boycott the game and not show up because he’s pissed he didn’t get named MVP of the Drew League. Yes, you heard that right … Does this news affect the outcome of the game though? … And chances are you haven’t seen complete Kevin Garnett and Ronnie Fields high school game footage. Until now … We’re out like Delonte’s bank account.

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