The Lost Tapes: Dwyane Wade’s Free Agent Summit

05.28.10 8 years ago 22 Comments

With Dwyane Wade saying in his Dime cover story (and again recently) that the marquee free agents would get together and talk about free agency, we decided to make a mock conversation between him, LeBron, Chris Bosh and Joe Johnson. Here it goes:

DW: Alright guys, we can all sign anywhere we want this summer, where are you think about going?

LBJ: Ohio is home, I love New York and Jay-Z is my boy, so we will see. I have to talk everything over with my team first and we need to decide.

CB: I asked my Twitter fans and that didn’t help, so I don’t know who to go to now.

JJ: I’m getting max money from someone so that’s where I’m headed.

DW: I see. Oh Chris, I have an idea, why don’t you make a YouTube video touting your free agency, and campaigning for yourself like you did for the All-Star game a few years ago?

CB: Great idea Dwyane, I think that is my next move. I don’t know if I can make such a big decision without going through some type of electronic media.

DW: LeBron so what are your thoughts, you haven’t really given us any indication of where you want to go?

LBJ: I need to talk to my team, my guys. Worldwide Wes, Leon, all those guys. I don’t know where I’m headed.

DW: Well, I love Miami. I’m a loyal guy and they’ve been loyal to me – something Chicago has some issues with. I’ll sign anywhere I feel I can win though, and if Miami shows they are committed to winning, I’m going to probably stay. Who wants in?

JJ: I don’t care, I’m a max player. I don’t even care if the fans show up. I’m not re-signing in Atlanta though. After they booed me, I’m done with them.

DW: What if you don’t get max money but can play for a winner?

JJ: I’m a max player. Period.

LBJ: Joe, you only get max dollars if a team can’t sign me or Dwyane. Stop talking.

CB: LeBron, I really want to play with you, I’ll probably sign with whoever you sign with.

LBJ: What if I sign with the Nets? You said you wouldn’t play there.

CB: I’d have to ask my Twitter followers first, but next is the YouTube video.

DW: So let’s sum this up. I’m probably staying in Miami; LeBron you need to talk to your team and you love everywhere; Joe you are a max player; and Chris, you need to work on a YouTube video. So that’s where this conversation has gone. I should never have suggested this. Damn it.

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