The Most ’90s Band Tournament TITLE MATCH: Gin Blossoms Vs. Spice Girls!


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It’s finally here: The championship match. After today, we will know once and for all what group encapsulated the decade better than all others, and will henceforth be recognized by law as The Most ’90s Band of All Time.

But this is a tough decision you must make between No. 1 Gin Blossoms, out of the Flannel Region, and No. 2 Spice Girls, out of the Frosted Tips Region. So to help you make your choice, we’ve pulled out the three Most ’90s moments from each group’s most popular music video (which itself is a very ’90s thing).

GIN BLOSSOMS, “Hey Jealousy”

TPing your friend’s house.


Adults with fishbowls/using a fishbowl lens.


Just having a jam sesh around a buddy’s pool.

SPICE GIRLS, “Wannabe”

Stealing a homeless man’s hat before getting into a Bentley.


These outfits.


Pretty much everything Sporty Spice does in this clip.

Now, you must VOTE. The poll will close at midnight ET tonight (Thursday)!