The NBA’s 30 Best Dunkers

Nothing gets us going in the Dime offices like a good ol’ fashioned debate, and the best debates are the ones that get heated. Trying to rate the best dunkers in the league is unanimously impossible. Do you want style? Force? Does a big man get points taken away? If a player is an epic dunker in warmups, does that count?

Back in the day, we had Vince Carter and there was no denying what type of dunker he was. But in the current NBA, outside of perhaps one or two guys, you could make a case for anyone.

Gerald Green jumps REALLY high. DeAndre Jordan dunks all the time. Shannon Brown is only 6-3 and yet is always packing a nice highlight. We’ve heard them all. Now, as we’ve done in the past, we took a shot: Who are the 30 best dunkers in the NBA?

*we didn’t include any rookies (sorry Tony Mitchell) for a simple reason: no professional evidence*

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The lil’ man doesn’t do it very often and his rocket boosters don’t have quite the same pump in them that they used to, but he’s still possibly the greatest little man dunker of all time. He’s also a good enough athlete that even last year we saw him throw down a few monsters in Chicago.

Three years ago one of the biggest fan movements in the NBA was the “Let Shannon Dunk” campaign. Brown was putting on dazzling in-game dunking exhibitions every night for the Los Angeles Lakers and was pre-crowned as the automatic winner of the 2010 Slam Dunk Contest. For some reason, Brown couldn’t live up to the hype and was one of the worst slam dunk competitors the competition has ever seen.