Why Are ‘The Simpsons’ Pulling For Villanova Over North Carolina In The National Championship?

Monday night’s college basketball national championship between North Carolina and Villanova should be a good one, with the Tar Heels favored by 2.5 points. These have been two of the better scoring teams throughout the tournament (for example, in Villanova’s 44-point blowout over Oklahoma in the Final Four, the Wildcats shot 71 percent from the field), and two of the best teams throughout the entire season.

Regardless of who wins, though, we officially know who The Simpsons will be pulling for — and that would be the fightin’ (and well-dressed) Jay Wrights.

The natural question, of course, is why Villanova? Was that the result of some show artist’s somehow still-intact bracket, or something else? The best our tip-of-the-iceberg research could find links local town drunk Barney Gumble to the school in an episode in which he claims to have been a guest lecturer at the university:

There’s probably an even deeper connection resulting in that clip, but the important thing is Villanova is the show’s team of choice. For the record, there’s also a Simpson Hall on Villanova’s campus. A modern-day dungeon, Simpson Hall has neither overhead lights nor air conditioning. It sounds like a swell place.

So… go ‘Cats, or something.

(Via @VUHoops)

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