The Spike Albrecht High School Mixtape

We were this close to full-fledged Spike Albrecht Mania today. If Michigan had won last night’s National Championship game, the story of the 5-11, bowl-cut-sporting, unrecruited freshman who shot the Wolverines to a title would have been the stuff of all-time legend. Instead, it’s a good story and one piece of an overall wildly-entertaining last game of the NCAA season. Regardless of last night’s outcome, Spike was feeling himself to the point where he was throwing game at Kate Upton.

We caught this last night: highlight footage of young Spike doing work in high school game back in Crown Point, Indiana a few years ago. In this particular game, Spike apparently puts 30 on a top-ranked in-state rival. It’s pretty much what you’d expect from Albrecht’s high school act, and a lot of the moves will look awfully familiar to the Louisville Cardinals who saw them up close in the first half of last night’s game:

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