The Ten Strongest Guys in the NBA

11.19.08 9 years ago
Dwight HowardDwight Howard

Everyone always talks about how strong Dwight Howard is. He loves to “eat weights.” He has the shoulders of Optimus Prime.

But he’s not the only guy who is an absolute hoss in the League. We turned on the Sixers/T-Wolves – and aside from watching Al Jefferson put some beautiful post moves on Samuel Dalembert – it’s astounding to see just how jacked Craig Smith is. While he put 12 points on Elton Brand in about eight minutes, it was tough to look at anything but his biceps. Honestly, Smith is like that dude who tried to break the Guinness World Record for having the biggest biceps by injecting steroids in his arms – and only his arms.

If you’re putting together a list of the ten strongest guys in the League, Smith has to be on there. Who else is on your list?

* Dwight Howard
* Ben Wallace
* Craig Smith
* Emeka Okafor
* Al Horford
* LeBron James
* Andrew Bynum
* Shaq
* Brandon Bass
* Tyrus Thomas

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