The Worst News That I’ve Heard All Week

10.14.10 7 years ago 8 Comments
Terry Porter

Terry Porter

When I was in Texas last week for Austin City Limits, I stayed with my buddy from college, Craig. Now as a fellow writer and hoops enthusiast, you can understand how excited he was to tell me that former NBA great Terry Porter was joining the basketball staff as a volunteer assistant coach at our alma mater Lewis & Clark College.

For me, this was going to be huge! Not only was it going to put my school on the map, but I was going to ride the wave to stardom. I immediately hit up the school to schedule an exclusive interview with Porter – Who can turn down an alum? – but all I got back in return was bad news.

Apparently, since Porter was also hired as a broadcaster by the Blazers, he can’t work with the team any more.

“There is an NBA rule that does not allow Terry to be in contact with draft eligible players,” said Kristian Martin, Assistant Director of Athletics for Information and Communication at Lewis & Clark, via e-mail. “Any work he does with us from here on out while he is employeed by the Blazers will strictly be consulting with coach [Bob] Gaillard.”

To me, this seems unfair. Just because someone works for an NBA team, as a broadcaster at that, why should that preclude them from helping the kids? I mean, Lewis & Clark is a D3 school. And trust me – none of them are going to the NBA.

What do you think?

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