This Cleveland Weatherman Delayed The Forecast To Complain About NBA Officiating

What’s more important than knowing whether or not you’ll need to pack an umbrella tomorrow? Uh, the busted officiating in Game 2 of the NBA playoffs, duh.

WEWS NewsChannel 5 chief meteorologist Mark Johnson was so incensed by the lack of a foul call against the Warriors’ Andre Iguodala, he delayed that night’s weather forecast to reenact this hack on LeBron James:

Johnson compared the hack to getting your arm sawed off, or my personal favorite bit of hyperbole today:

Stephen Curry and LeBron James have generated more than enough interest in this series to keep everyone talking about it, and it would be a shame to cloud the potential for great gameplay with lousy refereeing. That said, if it gets us production crews halfheartedly swiping at weathermen every night, I’ll happily take that side effect.