This Fan Waited 14 Years For Jason Kidd To Visit Him On His Birthday

Imagine if your NBA hero fulfilled your greatest wish as a 10-year-old, to meet him and have him visit your birthday party.

Okay, now that you have that image in your head… wait 14 painful adolescent and young adult years for that wish to come true! That’s the story of Jason Kidd and superfan Daniel Marks, a Milwaukee Bucks database manager:

Fourteen years later, Marks now works for the Milwaukee Bucks, so he probably had a more direct way of getting in touch with Kidd, the coach of the Bucks, when he turned 24. Happy birthday!

Professional athletes understandably have busy schedules, and they probably disappoint thousands of fans every day by refusing to do things like sign autographs when they have other, more urgent things to do.

But it’s great that Kidd, head coach of the Bucks (also a busy job), found time to honor Marks’ childhood dream.

Kidd was even a good sport about posing for a picture and making this a viral story that will likely define Marks’ life for another 14 years. Everyone wins!

(Via Bleacher Report, NBA)

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