Thon Maker Was Involved In A Massive Brawl During FIBA World Cup Qualifying

While much of the NBA world was focused on free agency and the upcoming Summer League, Milwaukee Bucks big man Thon Maker and the Australian National Team were taking part in a FIBA World Cup Qualifying contest against the Philippines on July 2. That isn’t out of the ordinary this time of year but, in the midst of a blowout in favor of Australia, things escalated into a full-blown brawl on the floor.

With four minutes remaining in the third quarter and Australia leading by 31 points, Daniel Kickert offered a flying elbow that appeared to start the ruckus.

From there, things get crazy, with benches clearing and all-out chaos.

Maker, who is the most prominent NBA player involved on either team, was captured attempting to kick opponents and he was in the midst of it all.

In addition, long-time NBA big man Andray Blatche was seen throwing at least one haymaker during the fight.

There was even a chair thrown.

There was a lengthy review after the fight that paused the game in its tracks while officials monitored video of the proceedings, and the result was an incredible 13 ejections — four from Australia and nine from the Philippines — leading to 5-on-3 hoops to close the game.

In short, though, this is the kind of brawl that the NBA fears on a grand scale and league officials can’t be happy that Maker (and anyone else) was involved in it.