Bucks Forward Thon Maker And Kyle Kuzma’s Cousin Paired Up To Save A Delayed United Flight

08.22.17 7 months ago


Airplanes are not built for tall people. Every seat is designed like it belongs behind home plate at Fenway Park and said seats are arranged like a Radiohead song off Amnesiac. It’s almost painful to see tall people on airplanes because you know they’re not having a good time. Especially when they have to give up on comfort just so the plane can actually take off.
A man named Paul Kuzma posted on Facebook Monday afternoon chronicling the story of his flight, which was delayed and soon overbooked. He decided to help out and take a seat in the back and hoped he would be able to sit alone. But another very tall gentleman decided to downgrade seats to help get the plane off the ground, and it turns out the 7-foot-1 gentleman giving up his legroom was Milwaukee Bucks forward Thon Maker.

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