Spurned Thunder Fans Are Now Using Rifles To Light Kevin Durant’s Jersey On Fire


As stupid as it sounds, when a superstar athlete leaves his/her team to sign elsewhere in free agency, scorned fans often attempt to make themselves feel better by burning said athlete’s old jersey. That’s why it wasn’t so shocking when plenty of photos/videos emerged this weekend of Oklahoma City Thunder fans torching their Kevin Durant jerseys in wake of Durant’s agreement to join the Golden State Warriors.

But a few OKC fans took things a step beyond what is considered standard jersey burning practices. These guys doused the Durant jersey (actually, it appears to be a t-shirt jersey) in lighter fluid, but instead of lighting it with a flame, they took a different path to ignition.

While AC/DC’s “Thunderstruck” played in the background, at least three dudes with rifles lit up the KD jersey and set it ablaze as the bullets tore through. As someone who thinks that even “normal” jersey burning ceremonies are dumb and disrespectful as hell, this one is super duper awful.

It’s more than just a little excessive, it’s also pretty messed up and disturbing. Even if you believe that Durant joining the Warriors classifies him as a “traitor” (and if so, sorry about your IQ score) this is still something that shouldn’t be accepted as normal. It’s just sports, man.