Russell Westbrook Went As Steven Adams, Dirk Went As Lurch And NBA Halloween Is Awesome

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When it comes to Halloween costumes, it’s hard to top the players of the NBA. Not only are their frames built for sights that the normal person just can’t manage, but they also have the resources to truly go out of their way and show off some great costumes in between their training sessions for the start of the season.

The Thunder and Mavericks both showcased their Halloween choices this weekend and Steven Adams is likely in the running with Dirk Nowitzki for costume of the year — so far. The Thunder win overall, though, particularly with the variety at play at Nick Collison’s weekend party.

Russell Westbrook kept it simple by going as teammate Steven Adams — complete with facial hair and kiwi arm tattoo. But Kevin Durant is the standout here as Martin Lawrence’s pizza man disguise from the film Blue Streak — the best Lawrence film you never saw in the theater.

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Happy Early Halloween

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