The Spurs’ Tribute Video To Tim Duncan Was The Perfect Way To Honor His Jersey Retirement

There’s something ironic about the San Antonio Spurs going all-out to honor Tim Duncan. The Spurs, more than any organization in the league, are famous for never being flashy with anything. Duncan was the epitome of this, as the Big Fundamental made a career off of being the least flashy basketball player to ever live.

But on Sunday, the Spurs honored Duncan by retiring his number after their game against the Pelicans. It was the perfect way to end a day dedicated to the best power forward of all time, one which included these fantastic t-shirts bearing Duncan’s likeness.

Even the lead up to the game was 100 percent dedicated to Duncan. The Spurs’ Twitter account tweeted out a number of videos praising Duncan, one of which was about the caliber of teammate he was during his career. As Antonio Davis said, Duncan is “the best teammate in professional sports history.”

Duncan is and will forever be beloved by the city of San Antonio, its fans, and the rest of the NBA-watching world who appreciated his dominance on the basketball court during his Hall of Fame career. The Spurs will never be the same without him, but as one of the best-run organizations in the league, they’ve already prepared themselves to move on to the next stage.