Tim Duncan Is And Always Has Been The King Of NBA Nerds

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Tim Duncan is a nerd. A nerd that is exceptionally good at playing basketball, but a nerd nonetheless. That much probably could have been surmised based on his dress code and general demeanor, but thanks to the Road Trippin’ With RJ and Channing podcast, we officially have confirmation of Tim’s nerdiness.

Richard Jefferson had his NBA reach on full display by nabbing Duncan for the show, and the future Hall of Famer did not disappoint in his 40-plus minutes on the podcast, talking about everything from his fleet of exotic cars to the tongue ring he once played with. Some of the funniest gems though were random throw ins, including a factoid Channing Frye dropped without notice. “Fun fact,” Channing said at about the 6:20 mark of the podcast, “Me and Tim Duncan used to be in the same guild in World of Warcraft.”

Timmy delightedly laughs at the mention, and from there Channing launches into a story about how Andrei Kirilenko also played and had “about eight of the highest level characters, ever.” According to Frye and Duncan the three of them would all be online at “three to four in the morning” the night before games and Kirilenko’s characters could have been sold for “upwards of $100,000.”

But that wasn’t enough nerd for one Duncan podcast so eventually Timmy gets into a little bit more of his nerdom when he divulges the name of his new, week-old daughter, which is of course the name of a comic book character. Tim revealed his daughter’s name is Quill, to which Channing asks the obvious Guardians Of The Galaxy-related question. “Did you name her Quill like, from-” Channing asked before Duncan interrupted him and confirmed “Peter Quill, yes.” As any parent can attest, naming a child is a delicate dance between partners, so while the name may have originated from Guardians, Tim mentioned that his girlfriend also had a hand in naming their daughter. “My girlfriend also writes a lot too so, like a pen quill” he said before laughing and adding “It’s a combination of all those things.”

So yes, Tim Duncan is the exact nerd you thought he was and his pants said he was. The entire podcast is a good listen full of laughs with the trio discussing a myriad of topics from Richard and Channing’s kids fighting to the way Greg Popovic used to cuss Richard out during his time with the Spurs. Check out the entire podcast below.