Timofey Mozgov Reminded Everyone Why The Lakers Gave Him A Huge Contract With This Thunderous Putback Jam

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Timofey Mozgov has bounced around the NBA in the last few years but, despite being an effective center at points in his career, he is now best known for being the big man blessed with a massive contract by the Los Angeles Lakers. After a deal to offload his contract (alongside D’Angelo Russell) to the Brooklyn Nets this summer, Mozgov is now flying under the radar again in a new city but, if his dunk on Monday is any indication, he seems to be a mission to remind folks that he can play a little bit.

Yes, that is Timofey Mozgov throwing down on the unsuspecting head of a player from the Belgian national team.

The competition level, while fairly high, isn’t quite on the level of the NBA at FIBA EuroBasket but this was encouraging to see in terms of what Mozgov can potentially be in Brooklyn. It should be noted that there is (very) little chance of Mozgov actually returning value on his huge contract, but the Nets can use any kind of depth they can get in the frontcourt and Mozgov is the team’s incumbent starting center at this point.

Oh, and it is easy to remember why fans (at least those outside of Los Angeles) might be rooting for Mozgov. He’s fun.

Fans of the Lakers probably won’t be upset about losing Mozgov, even after seeing this dunk. Still, he might actually be able to help the Nets and, at the very least, produced one of the better highlights of September.