Timofey Mozgov Just ‘Mozgov’d’ Nikola Vucevic

Timofey Mozgov has come a long way since Blake Griffin brought him to everyone’s attention back when he was wearing the blue and orange in New York. But the trade that sent him from Denver to Cleveland midway through last season was the watershed before the Cavaliers’ dominance down the stretch of the regular season and their run through the Eastern Conference in the spring. Mom played a bigger role than expected in that last part.

He’s an integral part of what they do now, so much so he’s become the Mario Chalmers of this Cavs team, and even today he came off the bench with Tristan Thompson starting at the five. But that doesn’t change the fact he unloaded on Nikola Vucevic after Kyrie Irving spotted him cutting in from the near side along the baseline.

This isn’t he first time Timofey has flipped the script. His surname became a verb for poster dunk after Blake threw it down on him and jumpstarted both their careers in the public eye. But Moz has always handled himself with aplomb and didn’t let that unfortunate moment spoil his own Mozgov moments. Now he’s got another victim.

Moz MOZ’D Vuc, and the Cavs lead by more than 25 points with one and a half minutes left in the third.