This Timofey Mozgov Commercial Might Make Him The Best Spokesperson In The NBA

The NBA and its partners are not short on spokespeople. Under Armour has Steph Curry (which seemed innocent at the time, but now — given his meteoric rise — looks like an absolute coup), Nike has LeBron James, Kyrie Irving, Kevin Durant and a plethora of other wildly popular stars. Adidas is regaining ground with the likes of Damian Lillard, John Wall, Andrew Wiggins and — this summer’s coup — James Harden. These are all fine and good. LeBron will sell a lot of sneakers, Durant will too, and a ton of D Lillard’s will fly off the shelves. Foot Locker and whomever else will promote these products with either serious or light-hearted commercials. Some will work, some won’t, but there isn’t a dearth of well-known NBA players willing to endorse all manner of sneaker wear.

Yet there is something canned about most of their promotions, something undeniably synthetic. That missing spontaneity is exactly what makes Timofey Mozgov promoting an indoor trampoline park so delightful.

Just look at the joy plainly painted on his face. See his smile, radiant like the sun. Hear the love in his voice, the love that can only come from someone who has given their heart wholly to someone or something, just as Mozgov has done to the trampolines, or perhaps just the foam pit, or both. There is nothing fake about this promotion, just pure delight.

To sell something, one must truly believe in it – it must be a part of his or her soul. Timofey Mozgov believes in Sky Zone, and that is why he is the best spokesperson in sports.