Tobias Harris Hopes To Bring Back ‘Bobi + Tobi’ With Boban Marjanovic This Summer

Modern history has blessed us with some of the best and most inspiring friendships we could’ve ever asked for. There’s Amy Poehler and Tina Fey, Oprah and Gayle, the Banana Boat Crew, and countless others. But none of them hold as special of a places in our hearts as the bond Boban Marjanovic and Tobias Harris have formed with one another during their NBA journey.

They’ve played on three different teams together and, in the process, chronicled their friendship through both their social media presence and their wonderful but short-lived web series, “Bobi + Tobi.” They’re in different cities now as their respective teams continue their quest for NBA supremacy, but it appears a reunion might be in the works.

On Friday night, Boban’s new team, the Mavericks, will travel back to Philly to face Harris and the Sixers, and while the two will see each other on court — and for dinner afterward — they might also be considering a revamping of the web series they shot during their Los Angeles days.

Via Tim Bontemps of ESPN:

When Marjanovic signed with the Mavericks on July 23, it officially put the “Bobi & Tobi Show” on hiatus. But Harris insists it’s not canceled just yet.

“Boban knows he’s nothing without me, and I’m nothing without him,” Harris said with a laugh. “But hopefully in the summer we can hopefully do something where we can do some content together. The hope is to bring it back.”

While we may have to wait until the summer for their small-screen reprisal, we can at least look forward to Friday night’s matchup to sate our Bobi + Tobi needs. Yet as excited as we are for it, we’ll never be able to match the energy Bobi is bringing. He’s made an entire Spotify playlist for the occasion.

The only hope is that Boban’s fame hasn’t outgrown a web series these days, especially after making his Hollywood debut in the latest installment of the John Wick franchise last summer, where he was given one of the better cameos in recent memory. That’s a lot to live up to for this pair, but we’re content in the knowledge that they’re game for anything.