Tobias Harris Hit The Deck Hard After He Crossed Himself Up

Associate Editor

If you happen to run into Tobias Harris in the next couple of days, be gentle, because he has a pair of broken ankles. Just don’t ask him how he broke them, because he won’t like the answer.

Harris brought the ball up the court during Detroit’s game against Indiana on Saturday night. He got manned up by Lavoy Allen, and Aron Baynes decided to help his teammate out by setting a screen to try and get him a little room to cook.

After using the screen, Harris tried to go back between his legs. Even if it worked, he didn’t have much room to operate, but it didn’t work, so he went face-first into the ground after his foot kicked Baynes’ heel. Harris managed to do something incredible by crossing himself up, which made this play nasty and silly at the same time.

Harris didn’t have an especially great night on the whole – he went 2-for-9 from the field with eight points, four rebounds, and three turnovers in the Pistons’ 105-84 loss to the Pacers. The worst part is that he probably won’t live this one down in the locker room any time soon. You can forget a loss, especially considering that the Pistons may make it to the postseason this year. You cannot forget getting crossed up by yourself.

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