Today’s Best NBA Tweets: The Jet dresses up like Mr. T and Lou Williams plays April Fools Jokes on Girls

04.01.10 9 years ago 2 Comments

We spend a ton of time on Twitter every day. We have to, it’s the fastest way to get breaking NBA news and information and to connect with our readers, basketball fans and other basketball outlets.

Along the way though, we find ourselves laughing every single day at the tweets from NBA players, bloggers and fans. We decided that every afternoon we’re going to put the best tweets (both funny and informative) we see that day in one place for our readers who either aren’t on Twitter or don’t have the time to sit and follow tons of feeds all day long like we do.

Check out the best tweets from the last few days below:

@TeamLou23 (Lou Williams): told 3 different girls today to get dressed.. we hittin the mall to ball out…i guess theyll find out now i was playing.#aprilfools

@JR_Swish (J.R. Smith): Ayo no homo I had a bad ass dream about thus big ass snake!

@Candace_Parker: Man, ball took on a whole new meaning when my daughter was born. Gotta eat! :) I dnt want her to want for nuttn!

@StephenCurry30: Really liked Hot Tub Time Machine…crazy storyline but you’ll def laugh…watching a little family guy now. Just comedy 24/7

@BlackBoiPachino (Anthony Morrow): Rise and grind baby, 150 pushups leh go

@mattbouldin15: You can never eat just one otter pop.

@J_Flynn: #backintheday farmer jean jumpsuits with 1 of the straps unbuckled was poppin!

@J_Flynn: PS3 screename is JFlynn10. I’m about to get a haircut then I’m trying to crack some heads in 2K10 (pause) yeeeeaaaaaa

@AndrewMBogut: Chik filet is awesome!

@TheJetOnTNT (Kenny Smith): Did a commercial and had to dress as Mr.T! lolol Was hilarious!

@DeMar_DeRozan: Keri Hilson Forgets The Words To The National Anthem At Lakers Vs Hawks Game? Dang.

@OmarSamhan (St. Mary’s Omar Samhan): The Daily Campus – Column: Samhan likely NBA bust?: (Keep Hating)

@clubtrillion Two years ago, my 20 yr old cousin told her fam she was pregnant. Even though the baby is almost 2, I still think it was an April Fools.

@Isaiah_Thomas2 (University of Washington’s Isaiah Thomas): Time is MONEY soooooooooo I’m 2 the League bye bye folks… #AprilFools BUT time is money tho lol

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