Tonight is the Night

03.02.09 10 years ago 25 Comments
Tonight @ 10pm

March 2nd is upon us ladies and gentlemen. Way back when I told you guys that I was going to be on a reality show…well it premieres tonight. I had trouble sleeping last night believe it or not, and it wasn’t because of anticipation of the premiere.

I think it is because I’ll be on 106 and Park today. Now, I have no problem talking to people and I obviously don’t mind being on camera…but 106 and Park is a live taping and so many things can go wrong! For example, I am sitting here talking to Andrew about 106 and Park and he says, “Well first thing is first…zip up your pants.” I mean…what if I am on national tv and my fly is wide open, 100% a horrible look for the kid.

Real talk, this day crept up on me. Just yesterday it was October and I was getting ready to start filming.

Well…there is no turning back now obviously. Today is like the unofficial ‘Harlem Heights Day.’ After 106 and Park, I’ll be on 106 and Park radio (didn’t know it existed!), then you can catch me on Rip the Runway at 9pm and two episodes of the show from 10 to 11. I know…crazy day.

While you guys are watching (hopefully!!) I’ll be at the red carpet premiere. Yeah man they went all out for this one. I’m going to post some photos of my whole night, so stay tuned and watch tonight at 10pm on BET!

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