Tony Allen Vividly Remembers Kurt Thomas Farting In A Game Years Ago


Tony Allen is one of the funniest players ever. When he was an active player he had the best Twitter account and anytime he was mic’d up in a game it was a treat. So, of course, local Memphis radio man, Chris Vernon, has to have Allen on his show to discuss whatever he wanted. The great thing about Allen is he could make it entertaining.

But there’s no way Allen saw this question coming. When, right before the end of his segment, in complete deadpan Vernon asks Allen if anybody had ever farted during a game. Which, yes, that seems obvious. There are hundreds of games players and there are humans in those games. They are going to fart.

But Allen not only said yes, but brought out a specific moment that is clearly seared in his memory.

“Let me take you back. Kurt Thomas. Remember Kurt Thomas. You all know who Kurt Thomas is. Kurt Thomas check in the game, fart. ‘Ooh, have to let that one go young fella.’

“Aye Chris Vernon. I got a whole lot of stories. That really happened. He was playing for the Chicago Bulls with Derrick Rose. He set a pick on me. And Derrick Rose got the game winner, but he farted before checking in the game.”

This man is obviously scarred by what Kurt Thomas did to him. A young player just trying to make his way in the league getting cropdusted by an NBA veteran. That’s rough. Although Allen’s timeline seems a little shaky. As Thomas only played with the Bulls once in the 2010-11 NBA season.

Although, if this is the game that Allen is remembering, then there is a moment where the flatulence could have occurred.

Towards the end of the game, with the Bulls up 3, Allen was subbed out of the game while Thomas was being subbed back into the game. At this moment the two cross paths. Allen says it was when they were checking in. Now, it could have been at any other point of the game, but he’s talking about a close game. A Derrick Rose game winner. It doesn’t look like Rose hit a gamewinner specifically, but more just sank clutch free throws to win the game, but if we use the idea of Rose playing in the clutch to find the moment when this happens then that is the potential moment.