Tony Parker Thinks Manu Ginobili And Tim Duncan Are ‘Both Going To Play One More Year’

Now that the NBA Finals are over, all attention turns to an offseason of mock drafts, crazy rumors that — for a brief moment — seem feasible, and hours spent on trade machines. This offseason will answer questions surrounding the futures of Kevin Love, LaMarcus Aldridge, Dwayne Wade, Marc Gasol and even LeBron James.

One of the biggest questions surrounding the NBA offseason will be the fate of the Spurs’ Big Three, specifically Tim Duncan and Manu Ginobili [Ed Note. Pop hates when people refer to them as the Big Three]. Will they retire? Will they come back? It’s a question that’s hovered over the team for the last few NBA summers. According to the youngest member of the trio, Tony Parker, there’s no need to worry because both Duncan and Ginobili are coming back.

Parker told the San Antonio Express-News, “I think they’re both going to play one more year.”

Over the past 20 years, the Spurs have been the most successful franchise in basketball. And that’s been largely due to Duncan, Ginobili, Parker and head coach Gregg Popovich. There really isn’t a reason for either Duncan or Ginobili to hang it up quite yet. Duncan had a solid year, averaging 13.9 points, 9.1 rebounds, and three assists while blocking 1.96 shots per game, which was the highest average per game for a player 38 or older. Ginobili had an effective, if inconsistent season, averaging the lowest points per game since his rookie season, 10.5, and shooting only 42.6 percent from the field.

Although the Spurs were bounced by the Los Angeles Clippers in a bloodbath seven-game series to open the 2015 NBA Playoffs, the future for the team is bright. They have cap room flexibility, and — according to reports — a certain native Texas power forward has the team at the top of his list for possible summer landing spots. This, coupled with Kawhi Leonard’s continued growth as one of the top three two-way players in the game could set the team up for one final run. And there remains no organization in the league better at drafting and developing players (although the Golden State Warriors might be closing in).

Parker still admitted that he isn’t sure if his prognostication for Manu and Tim is accurate. He also said this might be a bit of hopeful thinking on his part:

“I’m trying to be positive,” he said with a chuckle…“I’ve talked to them and told them what I think,” Parker said. “Now it’s their decision. It’s a very personal decision.”

For the sake of basketball fans, both in San Antonio and out, we hope Parker is correct.

(Via San Antonio Express-News)