Tony Parker Shows Off His ‘Spurs Face’ While Carving Up The Pistons

01.13.16 4 years ago

We’ve long thought of the Spurs as the Borg of the National Basketball Association. The Borg are that icy alien race of cybernetic drones that caused so much havoc for Starfleet in the Star Trek universe. The hivemind the Borg uses to assimilate conquered races ironically reminds us of the variegated threats a typical Spurs squad will employ.

Sure, back in the early aughts it was all about pounding it inside to Timmy and letting the Big Fundamental go to work, but these days opponents don’t know if Kawhi Leonard is gonna twist and turn for a score in isolation, or if LaMarcus Aldridge will work a high-low with Duncan, or pick and pop with Patty for a mid-range jumper; Tony Parker might leave a defender lunging at air on a high pick, or Boris Diaw could manhandle some scrawny forward on the low block. There are just so many options for them now on the offensive end.

And yet they all remain quintessentially Spurs-ian. Like their equally as inscrutable leader, there’s something very robotic about the way they go about their business of dominating an opponent. It was similar to Tony Parker in the third quarter of Tuesday night’s Spurs win over the Pistons.

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