The Top 10 Disgruntled Grimaces Of Knicks Coach Mike Woodson

Another day, another Knicks loss, but Monday night’s loss to Washington featured a very clear-cut mistake on the part of Knicks coach Mike Woodson. After failing to call a timeout in the closing seconds of the loss, estimable Wall Street Journal scribe Chris Herring believes the Knicks should let Woody go. With the Knicks at 7-17 on the year, good for just the No. 12 spot in the disastrous Eastern Conference, we thought it only made sense to cull some of the top physiological moments of torment from Mike Woodson captured by photographers this year.

Yesterday, ESPN’s Marc Stein listed Woody as one of the top coaches on the hot seat so far this season, and he mentions the betting line that lists Woodson as the odds-on favorite to get terminated. So can you really blame Woodson for some of his more hang-dog expressions? Before you malign the job he’s done, you try coaching this Knicks group.

Without further ado, here come the top 10 disgruntled grimaces of Knicks coach Mike Woodson during a 2013-14 season that seems to just keep getting worse.

*** *** ***

This seems to be Woody’s default position this year: hands crossed in front, face equal parts mixture of annoyance and anger roiling beneath the surface.

Then there are the looks he reserves for the refs:

Click for five more of Mike Woodson’s most unsettling facial expressions…

Even a fully bearded Woody manages to convey the same feeling of helplessness.

The sky-is-falling visage mimics the Knicks’ downturn this season…

As a Knicks fan, you’re always concerned when the constipated Woody face surfaces…

Last, we have the oft-seen, but rarely captured look that says, “please don’t photograph this zany smile on my face, which might be an indicator I’m cracking up under the weight of James Dolan‘s expectations.”

Life isn’t so great for the Knicks or their coach this season, but hey, at least Tyson Chandler is slated to start again tonight:


What’s your favorite Woody expression so far this year?

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