The Top 10 Rihanna Moments Of The Playoffs

Rihanna is a huge basketball fan, and she’s been at a bunch of games so far in these playoffs. Here are her top 10 moments.

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10. Showing up with her new hairdo.

Rihanna has created her own subplot in these playoffs. Will she show up to tonight’s game? What will she wear? Who will she sit with? Will she fraternize with the players during stoppages in play? She surprised all of us during the Clippers-Thunder series by showing up at Staples in a new pink hairdo, and did not shy away from the attention:

9. Take a selfie, break a phone.

At another Clippers game earlier in the series, Rihanna sat with Los Angeles police commissioner Steve Soboroff and broke his phone taking a selfie:

8. The Drake-Rihanna subplot.

Round one between the Nets and Raptors had a lot of great storylines. Because of her rumored relationship with Drake — who was prominent for all Raptors playoff games — many wondered if Rihanna would show up along side him when the series moved to Brooklyn. She didn’t, but she did show up in this very distracting outfit.

7. A regular in Brooklyn.

As the series went on, Rihanna became a fixture during the Nets games. And both the television cameras and in arena Jumbotrons were not shy about capturing her every move.

6. Rooting on LeBron in Miami.

Aside from being in Brooklyn and Los Angeles, Rihanna also found time to fly to Miami to cheer on LeBron James and the Miami Heat. Roc La Familia.

5. With the foam finger.

Rihanna does not just show up to games to hog camera time from the players. She’s also very passionate about the game, or at least that’s what we assume from the foam finger she bought at a Brooklyn Nets game.

4. Cheering the Brooklyn Nets to victory.

Here’s further proof, as Rihanna cheers on the Brooklyn Nets, who won two of the three home games she attended in the first round, and eventually beat the Raptors in seven games.

3. Having a laugh court-side.

We have no idea what she’s laughing at, but we’re just going to assume it’s a bunch of inside jokes about NBA players that we’re not privy to.

2. Talking to fans.

Rihanna has a reputation for being very friendly and approachable with fans, whether it’s at autograph signings, meet and greets, or if you’re sitting courtside next to her.

1. Having a moment with her friend.

Seriously though, don’t ever change who you are, Rihanna.

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