The Top 30 NBA Draft Prospects To Follow On Twitter & Instagram

When you are a high-profile college athlete, the world is watching every one of your moves. The majority of college athletes have social media profiles. Some have used it more than others, while some have gotten into trouble with the NCAA for what they post online. With the 2014 NBA Draft receiving much hype, we decided to put together a list of the prospects you absolutely need to follow.

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30. Rodney Hood – Forward/Redshirt Sophomore/Duke
Twitter Handle – @Rodney_hood
Instagram – Hoodie5
The Duke transfer is having a huge impact on the Blue Devils this year and has become one of the best prospects in the country. While his game has brought some noise in Durham, he is very conservative when it comes to what he tweets about. His timeline reaches back to the year 2012 on one page.


29. Montrezl Harrell – Forward/Sophomore/Lousiville
Twitter Handle – @MONSTATREZZ
Harrell is constantly improving on the court at Louisville and is becoming a better low-post scorer that the Cardinals can give the ball too. On social media he has not tweeted that much during the season but when he does everything, of course, is basketball-related.


28. T.J. Warren – Forward/Sophomore/North Carolina State
Twitter Handle – @T24Warren
T.J. Warren is in the mold of a young Paul Pierce at N.C. State. He has a smooth game that translates for his actions off the court. If you are looking for a Twitter profile with some inspiration quotes, T.J. is your guy.


27. Markel Brown – Senior/Guard/Oklahoma State
Twitter Handle – @iMarkelBrown22
Instagram – IMarkelBrown22
Markel Brown is the unsung hero for the Oklahoma State basketball team playing in the shadow of teammate Marcus Smart. He is very athletic and has shown that he can shoot the ball from deep. On Twitter, he does not show that much but tweets about his approach on gameday.


26. Adreian Payne – Center/Senior/Michigan State
Twitter Handle – @Adreian_Payne
Instagram – Adreian_Payne
Payne is one of the best senior prospects in the country and has improved his game over the years to be a solid first-round pick.


25. Noah Vonleh – Forward/Freshman/Indiana
Twitter Handle – @Noah_Vonleh
Instagram – nvonleh
Noah Vonleh has impressed scouts during his freshman season in Bloomington and should be considered along with the best freshmen prospects.


24. Spencer Dinwiddie – Guard/Junior/Colorado
Twitter Handle – @SDinwiddie_25
Before he injured his ACL, Spencer Dinwiddie was one of the best point guard prospects in the country for Colorado and was a name rising in the draft. He is one of the best college personalities to follow on Twitter and Instagram and is constantly cracking jokes on teammates.


23. Andre Dawkins – Guard/Senior/Duke
Twitter Handle – @dre_dawkins
Currently in his senior season, Andre Dawkins is one of the best sharpshooters in the nation for Duke. He has a strong Twitter following with 28K followers and usually tweets support to Duke alums Ryan Kelly and Seth Curry.


22. C.J. Fair – Forward/Senior/Syracuse
Twitter Handle – @cjfair
Instagram – CJFair
C.J. Fair is one of the most important pieces on the Syracuse basketball team and can be a perfect glue guy for an NBA roster down the road. He is popular and has gotten shoutouts from TDE rapper “ScHoolBoyQ”.


21. Dante Exum – Guard/Australia
Twitter Handle – @daanteee
Instagram – Daanteee
Dante Exum has blown up across the draft boards. The Australian-bred guard has all the tools to be successful in the NBA if he decides to declare this year. While he does not tweet or post pictures on IG that much, Exum is the only note-worthy international player to follow.


20. James Young – Guard-Freshman/Kentucky
Twitter Handle – @James63Young
As a freshman this year, James Young has been one of John Calipari‘s best players and has shown he is not afraid to take the big shot at the end of games.


19. Doug McDermott – Forward/Senior/Creighton
Twitter Handle – @dougmcd3
Instagram – DougMCD35
This college basketball season, Doug McDermott is having an incredible year for the Creighton Blue Jays. He is most likely to win the player of the year award and can make his way into the first round of the NBA Draft based upon his arsenal of offensive moves. Doug’s social media feed is very down to Earth.


18. Aaron Craft – Guard/Senior/OhioState
Twitter Handle – @CRAFTroomies
It may not be his personal Twitter account, but Aaron Craft’s roommates have put together one of the best social media feeds that hilariously follows all of Aaron Craft’s moves during his time at Ohio State.




17. Tyler Ennis – Guard/Freshman/Syracuse
Twitter Handle – @tdot_ennis
Instagram – TDot11
Tyler Ennis has shown people this year that he deserves to be mentioned with the other freshman players in the country. He is arguably having the best season out of all of them and has showed extreme poise starting for the Orange.


16. Aaron Harrison – Guard/Freshman/Kentucky
Twitter Handle – @AaronICE2
Instagram – TheAaronice_PTP
If you want to see the daily life as a university of Kentucky basketball player, Aaron is the player you want to follow.


15. Andrew Harrison – Guard/Freshman/Kentucky
Twitter Handle – @DrewRoc5
Instagram – Drewroc5
Andrew Harrison has struggled this season so far as the starting point guard of the Kentucky Wildcats but has shown improvement in recent games. Him and twin brother Aaron almost have identical Instagram pages.


14. Aaron Gordan – Forward/Freshman/Arizona
Twitter Handle – @1_AG_1
Known as the Blake Griffin clone, Gordon has showed why he is a force with his athleticism and dunks this season. His Arizona Wildcats are the No. 1 team in the nation, while Gordon has solidified his ranking to be one of the first players mentioned in the draft. His tweets are highly motivational and showcase his work ethic to get better on the court.


13. Jerami Grant – Forward/Sophomore/Syracuse
Twitter Handle – @MooMoo25
Instagram – Scooby_Moo
Grant is one of the most improved players in the country this year and has been one great player for Syracuse this season. His draft stock has skyrocketed this season.


12. Jahii Carson – Guard/Sophomore/Arizona State
Twitter Handle – @Jahii_carson1
Standing at 5-11, Jahii Carson is one of the most exciting college basketball players to watch this season. With Isaiah Thomas and Nate Robinson having successful NBA careers despite their height, I can see the same with Carson down the road.


11. Jabari Parker – Forward/Freshman/Duke
Twitter Handle – @JPiz1
Instagram – JPiz1
Jabari Parker is the most skilled college basketball player in the land. He has a lot of Carmelo Anthony in his game and will be one of the first names taken in the draft.


10. Marcus Smart – Guard/Sophomore/Oklahoma State
Twitter Handle – @smart_MS3
Instagram – MR_OSU33
Before the season, Marcus Smart caught a lot of backlash for doing the right thing in going back to school. This year he has been the best leader in college basketball and his shot has improved from last season. He will definitely be one of the first point guards taken in the draft. On social media, Smart is a great follow.


9. Kyle Anderson – Forward/Sophomore/UCLA
Twitter Handle – @KyleAnderson5
SLO-MO is one of the most versatile athletes in the draft pool. He is incredibly slow and plays at his own pace as a 6-9 point guard. His game has improved this year and he has a shot of going in the first round. His Twitter is an great account to follow to get a peek at the social life at UCLA and Los Angeles.


8. Zach LaVine – Guard/Freshman/UCLA
Twitter Handle – @YungHollywood14
Instagram – ZachLavine14
Before the season Lavine was virtually unknown in the NBA Draft world but his stock has blown up in recent weeks. He is extremely athletic (Just watch his Youtube highlights) and has a great catch-and-shoot jumper. His Instagram feed is full of incredible dunks.

7. Julius Randle – Freshman/Forward/Kentucky
Twitter Handle – @J30_RANDLE
Instagram – JuliusRandle30
Julius Randle is man among boys and as a freshman, he is the go-to guy for the Kentucky Wildcats.


6. Glenn Robinson III – Forward/Sophomore/Michigan
Twitter Handle – @G_R_III
Instagram – Grob_III
Glenn Robinson has the potential to one of the best prospects in the NBA Draft. He plays above the rim and helped lead the Wolverines to play in the championship game last year.


5. Nik Stauskas – Guard/Sophomore/Michigan
Twitter handle – @NStauskas11
Instagram – nikstauskas11
Stauskas has more game than you might realize, and will probably make an impact at the next level. He’s not just a shooter. His social media game is on point, as well.


4. Gary Harris – Guard/Sophomore/Michigan State
Twitter handle – @thats_G_
Instagram – GarryHarris_
Gary Harris is one of the best shooting guard prospects in the country. He has a great polished game and a great combo game. He is very active on Twitter and tweets the norms of a life of a college kid.


3. Andrew Wiggins – Guard/Freshman/Kansas
Twitter handle – @22wiggins
Instagram – 22Wiggins
Andrew Wiggins will be a top three pick in the NBA Draft this June. The microscope has been on him since he was an underclassman in high school. He has amazing potential and has strong social media endorsements from Drake and pictures from Yeezus himself.


2. Joel Embiid – Center/Freshman/Kansas
Twitter handle – @jojo_embiid
Joel Embiid has become a national favorite when it comes to his abilities on the court and his personal life off it. He is in the running to be the first pick in the draft and his offensive potential, along with incredible defense, is going to make him one of the prized picks. On Twitter, he is very funny and is very comical about his adjustment to America.


1. Russ Smith – Guard/Senior/Louisville
Twitter handle – @ApolloBasedKing
Instagram – Erebus_BasedKing
When it comes to social media, there is no one coming close to Russdiculous. He has a strong cult following on social media, especially on Instagram with 64k followers and over 1,300 posts. His game on the court and off the court is very entertaining, making him number one for our NBA Draft prospect social media rankings.


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