Top 5 Destinations For Tracy McGrady

Tracy McGrady on the Lakers? If this was the summer of 2002, it would be game over for the rest of the NBA. Too bad he’s not the same guy, and too bad no one knows if L.A. even wants the 32-year-old. But at least we do know that T-Mac wants to play in the Staples Center next season.

We asked this question in Smack and it appears Tracy is thinking about it as well. A few days ago, he tweeted out a photoshopped picture of himself in a Lakers uniform, asking his followers “Yes or No.”

I believe the majority of NBA fans would love to see this. T-Mac and Kobe have a history, one that dates back to very early in their careers. McGrady came from high school just a year after Kobe and then as Bryant sprung to fame, T-Mac often confided in him while he struggled in Toronto. A few years later, they were arguably two of the best handful of players in the league, and the debate was on (at least for a few years). People STILL argue that McGrady was better back then.

T-Mac could work in L.A. as a spark off the bench, someone to handle the ball and distribute on a second line that hasn’t been very effective the past few years. But is it the best fit for him? Check out these other contenders and tell me he wouldn’t fit in: Boston…Dallas…Chicago…New York…and the Lakers. T-Mac would look great in any of those uniforms, and would hopefully be able to advance past the first round for the first time in his career.

Can he still play? Last year, I think he did a decent job of answering that, averaging nearly 8, 4 & 4 in 23 minutes a game with Detroit. Plus, who knows…maybe the chance to finally win in the playoffs will reinvigorate him.

What do you think? What are the top five destinations for McGrady?

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