Top 5 NBA Free Agents Over 35 Years Old

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At this stage in the game, if you’re still a free agent, you’re most likely looking for an NBA roster spot before you have to settle for an overseas gig (or perhaps even retire). But with that in mind, there are still some talented veterans – over the age of 35 – that are worth the minimal investment. I’m not saying sign them to a three-year, $10.5 million contract like the Lakers did with 35-year-old Derek Fisher, but you get the picture. Without further ado, here are the Top 5 NBA Free Agents Over 35 Years Old.

1. Allen Iverson (35)
2009-10 Stats: 13.8 ppg, 43.0% FG, 36.0% 3PT, 4.0 apg
Is it just me, or is it crazy to see A.I. on this list. It seems like just yesterday Iverson was leading the NBA in scoring and taking his team to the NBA Finals. Well, now he’s just looking for an opportunity. While last year had its ups and downs, you’d be crazy to not at least give Iverson a workout. He might not make it back into the League until later in the season, but he’ll definitely be on a roster next year.

2. Jerry Stackhouse (35)
2009-10 Stats: 8.5 ppg, 40.8% FG, 2.4 rpg
Stackhouse showed people last season that he could still play, and that he didn’t need to be on a roster all season to make an impact. (You know that Iverson has taken note.) While there has been word that Stackhouse might look to do the same this year, I’m kind of surprised that he hasn’t latched on with a team just yet. Perhaps he’ll wait and see who’s contending for a title.

3. Fabricio Oberto (35)
2009-10 Stats: 1.5 ppg, 62.5% FG, 1.8 rpg
It seemed like anybody involved with the Wizards last season had an awful year, so I’m not surprised that Oberto’s numbers were so dismal. But at the same time, his numbers have never been that great. Oberto’s greatest strengths don’t necessarily show up in the box score, but are invaluable to a contending team. With that said, he should sign with a team much more like the Spurs than the Wizards this year.

4. Michael Finley (37)
2009-10 Stats: 4.4 ppg, 44.0% FG, 1.5 rpg
I was happy when the Celtics signed Finley last year before the playoffs. And even though he never really played, just having him on the bench made me feel comfortable just in case someone got hurt. While there’s not much left in the tank, Finley can start to transition this season from player to coach, helping either a young team or contender in the locker room.

5. Anthony Johnson (35)
2009-10 Stats: 4.2 ppg, 44.1% FG, 2.0 apg
I’m sure every GM in the NBA has Anthony Johnson’s cell phone number. Why? Because if their point guard gets hurt, they know they can call on him and he can start. Johnson has been a backup to some of the League’s best point guards through the years, so he also has knowledge to share. Why the Pacers haven’t contacted him yet just doesn’t make sense.

The Rest: Chucky Atkins (35), Adonal Foyle (35), Kevin Ollie (37)

What do you think? Who would you want your team to sign?

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