Torrey Craig Left The Blazers-Nuggets Game Bleeding Profusely After A Scary Collision (UPDATE)

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UPDATE: Torrey Craig checked back into the game in the third quarter. While he was wearing a mask, shout out to Craig for toughing it out during the postseason. We’ll provide more updates as they come in.

EARLIER: Injuries are never fun, but the one that took place during Game 2 between the Nuggets and Trail Blazers looked especially brutal. While going in for a rebound off a missed free throw, Nuggets forward Torrey Craig got hit in the nose, fell down, and landed face-first on the leg of a teammate.

TNT reported that Craig had a broken nose and would probably not return to the game, but the Nuggets are reporting that he has a “nose contusion” and is questionable to return. A more favorable report, but it still feels unlikely that he’ll return.

The reason it’s unlikely is that when Craig busted his nose open, it resulted in tons of blood. Our own Robby Kalland said that after Craig walked off the floor, they had to clean up, wipe it down, and disinfect it. Here’s video of the injury. Just be warned there is a significant amount of blood, so if you are squeamish you may want to look away.

Luckily for Craig, he should be fine. Nose injuries can result in a lot of blood, but typically you’re able to recover from them fairly well. He just might have to wear a mask once he’s fully healed and able to return to game action.