Tracy McGrady Thinks James Harden’s ‘Should Be Embarrassed’ For His Game 6 Performance

05.12.17 12 months ago 2 Comments


Tracy McGrady had harsh words for James Harden after the Houston Rockets bombed out of the postseason on Thursday night. McGrady gave him no benefit of the doubt when he appeared on ESPN’s The Jump on Friday, singling out his “disinterested” performance in a 114-75 Game 6 loss.

In fact, McGrady said Harden should have to apologize for her poor play.

You can catch the full show here for a more thorough breakdown of Harden’s terrible night. McGrady said it looked like Harden “gave a damn about the game,” which sounds encouraging until you realize he means that in an entirely different way.

There’s no justification for this. I’m embarrassed for him. He should be embarrassed. He should apologize to the fan base, to his teammates, to the coaching staff, for that lackluster effort.

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